A house full of love with many brothers and sisters.

Our Mission

The mission of Holt’s House of Hope is to provide refuge, restoration and hope for the boys and girls of Boca Chica through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Providing a place for the boys and girls of Boca Chica to come and find community through Biblical discipleship, education, fun, & skills training that enable them to achieve their fullest potential.

Our Purpose

To make an eternal impact on the Dominican Republic by sharing the hope of Christ with the boys and girls today understanding they will be the leaders of tomorrow.


We have a special NEED. Geli is the Zo!e’s Girls Director at Holt’s House of Hope. She is an invaluable member to our ministry. 

For the past few years, Geli has had to commute from Santa Domingo to Boca Chica. Her role at HHH has become very demanding, and she has done an outstanding job. 

The responsibilities she has are a full time job. We recognize the need to provide her an apartment. This will give the stability and structure needed for both Geli and the children. 

If you are interested in partnering with us to fill Geli’s need, please see the link Click here to donate

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Contact information:

Dave Rowland – 912-282-3821 or [email protected]

Joie Cuevas at 931-445-5043 or [email protected].



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