Holt’s All-Star        Girls’ Team

Together we can break the cycle and flip the mindset of a generation one girl at a time.

Holt’s All-Star Team Levels

Leaving a Mark for Good by Showing the Love of Christ to a Child.

Coach Level


Monthly Meals

School Supplies

Educational Assistance

School Uniform Expenses


Health and Hygiene

Medical Expenses

Personal/Family Care Utilities

Why the Dominican Republic?

The life of girls and women in the Dominican Republic is often filled with poverty, gender inequality, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and limited access to education. All of these factors increase the likelihood of a young girl being prostituted in sexual slavery. The Dominican Republic is known as a tourist destination which enhances the opportunity for young girls and women to be sexually exploited. As a result of the rise in young girls being sold by traffickers, the risk factors for females contracting HIV and other STD’s also increases.

Zo!e Girls’ Ministry and Holt’s House of Hope are partners in combating these risk factors. By becoming a member of Holt’s All-Star Team, you are helping us break the cycle of a culture by flipping the mindset of a generation— one girl at a time.

How Your Membership Helps

resourceHER (persoanal needs & resources)

educateHER (school needs)

feedHER (provide meals at HHH)

prayHer (pray for her daily)

encourageHER (letters and visits)

Before being here at ZO!E I was not a nice person. I had a bad attitude. I did not have concern for other people only myself. Since being here I am different. My attitude is better. I help others and care about them. The team here at ZO!E has helped me to do that because of the concern & love you guys have for me.

I have always wanted to be a worshipper for God. My whole life I have just wanted to worship God. Here, I get to be part of the music team and worship God like I have always wanted to do with others!